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Undergrad Research Positions

Pursuing research as a senior undergraduate is a great opportunity to build on your studies, contribute to cutting-edge research, and get a glimpse into life as a scientist. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in science, or intend to take your talents elsewhere, it can be very rewarding to contribute to a project, learn new skills, and communicate your results with other scientists. 

As an undergraduate student, I benefited greatly from taking part in research, and I want to extend this opportunity to you!

We are almost always able to accept senior undergraduate students into the group. 
(A strong background in physics or theoretical chemistry is preferred.)

Contact Steve at if you are interested.
For more information about undergraduate research projects in the Winter group, see here.
For more information regarding some of the undergraduate research resources at WFU, see here.

Graduate Research Positions

We are not currently recruiting graduate students.

(Last Updated: July 2022).

Postdoc Positions

We are currently not actively recruiting for postdoctoral positions, but will be in the near future.
Interested candidates may contact Steve at to discuss projects and opportunities. 

(Last Updated: July 2022).

Open Positions
Stephen Winter
Department of Physics
Wake Forest University
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