Winter Research Group

Condensed Matter Theory

Principal Investigator

Stephen M. Winter, PhD

Assistant Professor of Physics

OfficeOLIN 214

Biography: Steve is an Assistant Professor of Physics, and a member of the Center for Functional Materials. He received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Waterloo, Canada in 2014 for work on strongly correlated organic materials. Subsequently, he held a postdoctoral appointment and junior research position at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Frankfurt, Germany, where his work focused on frustrated magnetism and correlated topological materials. He joined the faculty of Wake Forest University in Fall 2020.

Current Team

Graduate Students

Ramesh Dhakal

Research Focus: Study of materials using DFT
Ramesh is broadly interested in the computational and theoretical study of materials. His previous research focus was on potential spintronics material, Heusler Alloys, with particular emphasis on novel properties like spin gapless semiconducting behavior and half-metallicity. He is from Nepal.

Owen Ganter

Research Focus: Strongly correlated organic materials
Owen is a PhD student and affiliate of the Center for Functional Materials. His research interests include strongly correlated electron systems, electronic structure calculations and materials database development. He previously worked in an experimental laboratory studying materials at high magnetic fields and low temperatures.

Samuel Griffith

Research Focus: Numerical methods for quantum magnetism
Samuel formed an interest in computational physics and quantum phenomena at Pennsylvania State University, and is researching numerical methods for quantum magnetism.  He has also done work in artificial intelligence which includes helping to create virtual instructors for fighter pilots, as well as exploratory research of hybrid and quantum AI.

Banasree Mou

Research Focus: Numerical methods for spin-phonon coupling
Banasree joined the group in 2022 from Bangladesh, where she previously conducted  research in computational modeling of the optical properties of organic materials. She is familiar with a range of ab-initio codes, and is currently a PhD student working on implementing calculations for spin-phonon coupling.

Undergraduate Students

Chao Shang

Research Focus: Modelling of complex magnetic materials.   
Chao is highly interested in all science and engineering area, as well as mathematics. Before coming to the USA, he attended high school in Jordan, and can speak Arabic fluently. He previously worked as a research assistant in the Zhejiang University, China, and North Carolina State University.

Former Members

  • Monika Zeng (undergraduate; 2021)
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